Controllerism applied to trance
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    Default Controllerism applied to trance

    Well, hi again!

    I'm trying to apply the controllerism ideas to trance tracks (not psy, you know what i'm talking about). The only thing that i'm doing that resembles controllerism is jumping to a certain cue, after a certain part of the song is reach. This way, i can edit certain blocks in the track.

    The problem with this is that it has very little dynamic in the visual performance of a dj. It isn't so awesome as the beat juggling done by Ean. I know that the trance genres aren't so groovie and dynamic as hip hop and Nu disco, for example.

    Can someone help me with some ideas? Thanks

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    Maybe instead of lots of cue jumping use the controller to change FX paramaters?
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    Sounds like you are just making an edit on the fly, sir. When DJing on CDjs, you either set a cue point or just make an edit and burn it to CD to play later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dafe View Post
    i'm guessing trance would work well for "playing" your own chords from leads and pads?
    well, that can be too...

    but if i'm only using a soundcard for DJing purposes, i need another to use ableton live while in traktor....right?

    i had another idea. Why not putting a CUE point in each not in the lead notes of the tracks or even in the breaks? For example, with the tracks Marco V - Simulated and W&W - arena. I guess i can beat juggle the melody ah ah ah

    With some reverb, it can be a cool thing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dead_devil_66 View Post
    I guess i can beat juggle the melody ah ah ah
    Yeah, that's what I meant. Pick out of whatever epic lead/pad/synthy bit that sounds good, hopefully there is some chord progression in them, drop your cues where it fits and where you can easily "play back" the progression in your own fashion, thus creating your own chords so to speak.

    Maybe juggle some rhythm/percussion loops on a second deck, and layer in something atmospheric and trancey on a third if you're feeling adventurous. apply effects and a healthy serve of bikini babes for max awesomeness.

    dunno, i kinda suck at smooth beat juggling, so take it with a grain of salt.

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    Check out Eddie Halliwell

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    Quote Originally Posted by First Touch View Post
    Check out Eddie Halliwell
    Eddie uses EFX1000 though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by First Touch View Post
    Check out Eddie Halliwell
    From Eddie, i could take the scratch technic. To do it, i would use the Gater with white noise at 100%. But...that's all...The mashups he does, i already do them..

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