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    Default moving traktor data

    if i move my mp3 files from one mac computer to another, what happens to all the data (grids, cue point settings etc etc) thats been stored in my mp3 files through traktor? will that data still be there when running traktor on another machine?

    same if i have to format later on....and reinstall traktor.

    how does that work?
    is there a way to store the data thats been created in my mp3 files somehow so it can be reused or will i loose all of it when moving between platforms?


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    All your data is stored in the Traktor Settings Folder. I am not to sure for a mac but on a PC this can be found in the My Documents. If you save this and migrate is to the other mac. It should keep all your stripes, cue points etc...

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    same thing applies to macintosh, traktor3 data is store under user/traktor3 directory. traktor pro data is store under user/documents/native instruments/traktor. if you just want to back up your (grids, bpm, cue point) all you need is the collection.nml file. to add layouts and playlists, just inlude the whole directory.
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