Getting interested in VJ equipment...
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    Default Getting interested in VJ equipment...

    I'm sure a lot of you have seen this posted by the Traktor facebook page, awesome video with some chin wobblin' techno.

    I love at 1.56 on the vid the VJ is using some kind of heads up display some-what like the one in the emulator video. If anyone is interested in VJing is this a specific bit of kit you can buy or just one of those multitouch table things? Or is it a perspex monitor?
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    Man would I love to get my hands on a projector or some kind of visual enhancement rig for shows.

    Not too sure about that bit of kit^^, but as far as the software goes I'm pretty sold on Resolume Avenue

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    The VJ on the video is VJ Fader (
    The touch table screen is homemade hack bye himself.
    It's the Fadertouch

    more info here:

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