Traktor issue with Win7! Please help.
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    Default Traktor issue with Win7! Please help.

    Hey there,

    I currently dual boot my laptop to run traktor. I recently upgraded the traktor partition as I was having a few issues and thought that the upgrade would solve them.
    It has made things worse! I upgraded from vista to win7 and now everytime I load a track into traktor, the cpu spikes massively. I have found that this is cause because I store my tunes on an external hard drive.
    But this wasnt an issue when I used traktor with vista.
    I have tried numerous fixes online but nothing has worked. Only copying files into the system drive, and I do not have enough space to do this properly.
    Can anyone help? please



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    Thats really weird. I just upgraded from Vista to 7 and using T Pro and didnt have any issues.

    What I did was install 7, let it run the update and install. Then I installed T Pro and did their up dates in the service center. After that everything ran perfect. But I did wait until everything was installed before I added any of my music to my Hd.

    not sure if any of this will help you. but it was the thought that counts. Hopefully someone with more computer skills will have more info for you.
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    Make sure you are not searching for wireless. That was my main issue. Turn off the desktop background scroll if you have that enabled. And make sure any scheduled tasks are not running at the time you want to use Traktor.

    I did a clean re-install from XP to 7 so I got rid of all the unnecessary crap on my laptop. Not sure if the dual boot has anything to do with it...
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    my traktor boot is still the same 7 as came out on release, no updates or anything, runs fine

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