First Gig/Southern Ontario DJ's
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    Default First Gig/Southern Ontario DJ's

    I've done a few house parties, some bigger some smaller around town this summer and I think I'm ready to start hunting for a gig this fall when I get back to school.

    My gear is pretty simple right now: MBP, VCI100, maudio fast track pro and a pair of mdr700's.

    A couple questions. I've done some scouting of the local clubs where I go to school (Guelph), and did actually see a guy one night on a vci300. Not sure of other clubs, but assuming I do eventually get myself in there what else will I need? - other than some cd's/iPod I bring for backup. I've never plugged into a real pa and only rich kids' parents nice sound systems in their houses/cottages.

    Second, it's probably a long shot but is anyone in here a dj in the Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo area that plays Guelph clubs?


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    I go to University Waterloo, and do house parties in kitchener-waterloo, I've been contacting some club managers in waterloo, and (god willing) I think I might be getting a gig. I just use midi controllers.... I'm pretty sure most ppl won't mind what you spin on as long as music comes out of the speakers.

    I bring my ipod as a back-up to my house party gigs, just in-case something goes wrong. FYI my setup is a vestax Spin and kontrol x1, with an audio 2 dj, all hooked up to a Macbook pro.

    What year are you in at Guelph?
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