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    In Traktor 3, on my Browser Tree, i can highlight the explorer folder but i can't expand it. All the other folders can expand except the explorer. I want to access this folder because I store all my music in a external 500gb HD. Anyone have this problem before, and does anyone have a solution?

    Im thinking it's probably the external HD thats causing the problem. It would suck if it was the problem because i would have to store my music internally.

    Solutions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    I have the same problem whith traktor pro

    any suggestion?

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    I dont know why its not exanding but thats really not a good way to be organising your songs anyway. You should have all of your songs loaded into Traktor playlists - this doesnt mean that the songs have to be stored on the computer either. Just drag and drop your tunes into appropriate playlists in Traktor Pro.

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