Replacement LEDs for VCI - flashing ones!
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    Default Replacement LEDs for VCI - flashing ones!

    Right. Blue LEDs dropping like flies. One of my cue monitor LEDs has now died. This is intolerable. Time to get soldering. 2 quickie questions:

    1) I can get LEDs that change colour. I was thinking about replacing a few of the VCI ones (the loop-on LED, the FX on LED) with these. Will these work just like normal ones (ie. LED on = flash, LED off = nothing).

    2) Screws for VCI - anyone know off the top of their head what size they are. I've kind of mashed up the X on top and I don't want to use some of them again.

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    If you need any advice on LEDs TeLLy is your man.

    He was rabbiting on to me yesterday about putting some crazy colours in a mixer and hes always changing them in his gear.

    Way to technical for me... hes clever that one.

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