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    Default Party prices

    Need your help people

    Ive been asked to play at a party for an 18th

    what hourly price should i charge?

    i dont no where it is being held yet but if i need to hire speakers i will obvs charge more
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    Dont know where you live or currency but id charge for the event not hourly.

    If its an 18th theres a high chance that the thing could go tits up and end after 2 hours cus some guys slapped hi mate for looking at his girlfriends boobies (hey i was 18 once i can remember what it was like).

    Charge for the event and get paid up front and dont accept alcohol as part payment.
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    have fun...

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    i have a two tiered charging system, if i just have to bring my music and players and mixer
    i charge €150 for three hours of music, i add €100 to that if i have to bring my lights and PA system. they're standard rates here in ireland, when i was living in manchester it was 25 an hour regardless of equipment needed.

    If I were you i'd find out the venue, suss if you need lights PA etc, ring round to get the best deal and let the client pick up the bill for that, then charge them seperately for you're time. to judge this you need to know whats the going rate in your area, balance this with your experience and who you're gigging for, ie family and friends wont appreciate paying full whack, also get a list of music off them so that you're not stuck on the night with a request and no tune to match it.

    these gigs aren't alway the most artisticly rewarding, but if done well can lead to lots of work which can fund more rewarding gigs, carry business cards and don't be frightened to think of gear purchases as an investment.

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