Analyze certain tracks causing traktor to crash
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    Default Analyze certain tracks causing traktor to crash


    I am experimenting with Traktor (usually dj with Live) and in the process of importing my DJ library certain tracks are causing traktor to crash and as a result all of the analyzed tracks arent getting saved.

    Just wondering if this is common? I was surprised to see crashes before I got started!!

    I am still trying to isolate the songs that caused the crash but I only use purchased music from Beatport (mp3 320), iTunes (m4a) and my own edits done in Live which are saved as .wav's. None of the itunes stuff is 128kbps DRM.

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    ive never heard of this. try importing less songs at once
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    I also had this problem when importing (and not analyzing) my whole music library. Traktor always crashed at the same tracks of the same album (320 LAME encoded MP3s).

    Also, the version of Traktor I have (1.2.4 I think) can't play .m4a which somewhat sucks, since I have a respectable amount of files that are in m4a format

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    Make sure you are using the latest version of Traktor.

    I'm on 1.2.6. It does play .m4a but there was a bug introduced that means that sometimes if you set a loop or cue at the end of the song, the waveform can disappear and audio drop - you have to reload the song!
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