Numark NS7 opinons
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    Default Numark NS7 opinons

    Believe it or not i did try the search function .

    been using live 8 with apc40 and while its fun not really feeling the layout, the ns7 looks great on paper, love the vinyl feel and the search function which means less mouse work !

    its either that or the A&h DX, although i hear it its a different beast all together .

    Whats your personally opinon ?

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    go with the v7 youll love it.
    serato itch is just basically serato scratch with the turntable, sound card, and control surface rolled into one. i recommend if youre going to go with itch go for the v7 - i had an ns7 and the lack of auxiliary outputs pissed me off, and then the v7 was released which really answered that issue. also the ns7 is a heavy cumbersome piece, with the v7 i can fit it in my backpack

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