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    Default The proper S4 comparison poll


    so hopefully the VCI100 comparisons are over and done with, let's get down to real business with new controllers on the horizon

    We have the S4
    Sitting at around 740

    The Denon DNMC6000
    Sitting at around 680

    And the (already out) Xone DX
    Sitting at around 880

    Get comparing and voting

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    The only type of controller I would feel comfortable with would be a Midi Fighter or a Kontrol X1. I don't like the idea of my platters and my mixer all on one unit. I mean, i like the idea from a portability stand point, but not a reliability stand point. If one part goes out then you're in a bit of trouble.

    However, if forced to choose an all in one style controller, I'd probably roll the S4 due to the 4 channel mixer and bundled software.
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    I'm still weighing the options between the S4 & MC6000. Probably going to wait until they're released & reviewed before deciding. Also I'd like to get my hands on both and tweek a bit. Each have things I love and each have their shortcomings for my personal mixing preferences.
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    I'm still hoping that the 4MidiLoop will come out one day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Str8upDrew View Post
    I'm still hoping that the Midi4Loop will come out one day.
    +1 and it's way to early to offer an educated opinion on the S4 or DNMC6000. I am pretty sure the Xone DX is out of the equation now though.
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    What happened to the american audio vms4 or w/e it was called? Looked like a good competitor for the denon.
    Going on the design of these controllers I like the s4 best, though I really dont like how short the cross and volume faders are looking.
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    I'm going to overlook on purpose the Denon. Too cramped and I'm not fond of the layout.

    I already own a DX but I've studied the S4 (for the few info we already got). What's below is with Traktor in mind and custom mapping only.

    What I really like about the S4:
    - the led feedback (several colors on each button available it seems like for hotcues - green for loop, etc...)
    - touch sensitive jogwheel (even if I don't scratch)
    - the tiny screen where you can see the loop length. Now this is quite important for me but it really matters only if you can still benefit from it while pasing from HID to midi (custom mapping).
    - knobs both for gain (encoders) and filters

    The DX:
    - built like a tank so you're not afraid to bang it like any other Xone product.
    - works on 5 midi channel. This is really important for me. It allows for more complex mappings.
    - the deck sections have a bit more buttons available than the S4 (by the way I really would have liked the S4 to have another row of buttons available).
    - booth level from the soundcard (no booth output/function within TP..meh... Will that change?)
    - eack deck section working with either a green or red code color. It's clear and avoids potential confusion.
    - I like the encoder+push button on the FX units, some may not but I see it as an advantage.

    I know the sound of the DX but I trust the S4 to have quality sound too.
    The lack of a row of another knobs on the DX is not that important as I manage the gain for each deck with the deck's shift+ the central encoder.
    I can live without the sensitive jogwheel (but having ones is cool of course).

    I'll be ready to change for the S4 only if:
    The unit works on several midi channels
    I keep the benefit of the screen when using a custom mapping.

    If not, there's no point for me to change. Of course I'm open and I wait to get more info from NI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by str8updrew View Post
    i'm still hoping that the 4midiloop will come out one day.

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    yeah I'm lookin forward to seeing the 4midiloop too... out of these the S4 would be my choice by far, if you're gonna have jog wheels they might as well be usable ones, and I don't think you'll get that from the others. The loop screen is really a cool feature too. But I won't be getting any of these, still happy with the vci-100 with djtt's crazy mapping; I haven't even come close to exhausting the possibilities of this controller. I do want the new software though and I hope there's a vci-100 djtt mapping to accompany it that takes advantage of the new features when it comes out. And this is just me but personally I like having the sound card as a separate unit from the controller; even though it's more of a pain in the ass to set up and lug around, I have less concerns about interference with sound quality (though I'm sure these units all sound just fine) and I have more control over ins and outs that way in case NI ever does add a "booth output" to the software (which it badly needs imho....). Jog wheels you can actually scratch on are very enticing but in the end I'm pretty sure I'd rather scratch an actual turntable no matter how good the jogs are.

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    Will the 4midiloop (if it exists one day for the market) have an integrated soundcard?
    If not, it's not the same family type as the rest of the above mentioned products.

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