Hi all, if you are like me an use Windows and have all of your album art as JPG files in the folders of your EP's and LP's then you probably don't want to have to manually import your entire collections album art so I was browsing the NI forums and found this quick guide and though some of you might find it useful.


I use Mp3 Tag and it works fantastic if you already have all the cover art files in your directories.

Here's what you do:

01. Drag your collection directory in the main window of Mp3 Tag
02. Select your collection & click on "Convert" and then "Actions".
03. Click on the icon to create a new action-preset & name the preset (I named mine "Batch_Embed_Cover_Art").
04. In the following window you click on the icon to add an action to your preset and you choose "Embed Cover Art into MP3 Files".
05. I the next window you have fill in the default cover art filename. I always use "folder.jpg" because other programs like Foobar recognize that.
06. Then check your newly created action & click on "OK".

Now the program will embed all the "folder.jpg" files into your mp3's correctly.