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    Yo so the last few months I've been running my audio 2 at 5.5ms, reading a bit on here I see that that's pretty low.
    I've never had a problem with it but lately if I knock the box or move something accidentally it's been freezing/stopping my decks. Also today my channel B has died but I have a feeling it's my shitty mixer who's replacement I'm still waiting for in the mail.

    Anyway, I know a lot of people on here run it at around 10-15ms, but realistically I think the difference is negligible. I can put it up around 30ms and tell no difference..

    I suppose my question is, has anyone done some research in testing what a good range is, and also, is it better to put it really high (like 15-20ms) to take stress off Traktor?


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    i keep my dj io at 5.5 ish and i generally have no problems at all

    but my internal sound card runs at 29 ms and i see a difference... maybe theres no difference but because i know it at 29 that i think there is
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