xone 92 + 2xKontrol x1 + 2x Technics + TSP
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    Default xone 92 + 2xKontrol x1 + 2x Technics + TSP

    Basically i'm still new to DVS, so i have some questions to ask.

    i'm looking to set up my system as this: xone 92 + 2xKontrol x1 + 2x Technics + TSP...

    i'm mainly a techno DJ, and feel that Kontrol x1 has better integration than xone 2D to TSP, and much cheaper. As for the technics, are they redundant as i feel that Kontrol doesnt have jogwheel, so i would use technics to cue, as well as scratch.

    in this case, if i just hook the whole setup to my MBP using Audio 8, i can control the eq from xone 92 without any midi mapping. Am i right in this? or do i still have to map (if its possible) them?

    how does xone 92 works with TSP? if compared to xone 4d, what's the difference besides the built in sound card and the midi controllers? how do i hook up xone 92 to my MBP?

    thx for helping!

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    The 92 is just a classic mixer. Audio in, some midi out (a few buttons and i think you can send the LFO clock).
    You'll need an audio interface - audio4/8 depending on the amount of decks you want to play. Then hook that to the 92.

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    Plus the Xone:92 has a 4 band equalizer (big dealbreaker for me).
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