Hey guys, i heard that Jay-Z's DJ uses a vci-300 as part of his setup so this justifies my post in a digital dj'ing forum.

I have a pair of tickets for Eminem and Jay-Z's sept 14th show at the new yankee stadium.

i'm currently looking to book a hotel and preparing other stuff for the trip to NY (i live in montreal) but it will be my first time driving to NYC (ive gone before by bus) and a few things are bugging me...

first of all, how safe is the Bronx? I've heard that it can be a pretty dangerous place after sundown, so i'm wondering what kind of situation i'm getting into going to see a huge rap show in the Bronx.

second of all, is it easy to find parking around the area of the New Yankee Stadium?

third of all. Is driving in Manhattan when you're not from there as suicidal as everyone says? I've been driving for many years and am a good driver but the stories we hear about NYC traffic are horrible...

Hmm, i think that's all the question i have for now. if anything else comes up, i'll let you know.