Multi-core cables schematics - Repair of damaged multi-core cable
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    Default Multi-core cables schematics - Repair of damaged multi-core cable

    Hello to everyone!

    ok this is not going to be as serious as the "pineapple on pizza" topic, but it gets close to that level.

    So, 2 weeks ago i had this gig, the club had CDJ1000 so i was going to play with timecode. Start setting up, ready. Test, do not get clear signal from the left CDJ. The TRAKTOR PRO timecode quality level indicator is not a circle, but just a vertical line, which, if I am not wrong, means one channel is gone. Try to reconnect, but still the same problem, with the exception of the fact that sometimes the line was horizontal (don't know how this could happen tough).

    Anyway, good that I brought my midi controller with me as a backup (the gig went fine), but the cable is damaged. So I bought another one and now I have 3 cables (2 working 1 damaged). Since I'd like to use the damaged one as a backup in the future, is there any way to repair it? I work in a company where we have plenty of technicians and engineers which could easily repair the cable if somebody would provide me with the schematics...

    Does anyone have them?? Is there a web site where I could find them? Do you think NI would give them to me (maybe they just prefer that I buy another cable)?


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    For sure NI will be pleased if u buy another cabel ;-) and pretty pi**ed off if you repair it ;-) bussines baby..

    Try to repair it, but the signal wont be so clear maybe...

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