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    Hey guys, I am having configuration problems with my Creative 24bit 5.1 USB external Soundblaster card with Traktor Pro. I can't get both monitoring audio AND master output audio at the same time, it's either one or the other.

    Traktor recognizes the soundcard as an external, and puts all audio outputs through the soundcard, including master and monitor.

    My equipment:
    Sony Vaio VGN NR330R
    -the on board soundcard has only one headphone jack (which is the master output)
    I have also downloaded ASIO

    Creative Soundblaster 24bit 5.1 soundcard
    -The rear has jacks for subwoofers, rear, front, line-in, and SPDIF
    -I use the front jack which is labeled "phones"

    Hercules Steel Midi Controller

    Everything works fine (including the soundcard) when I use it with VirtualDJ, I can hear the master output on speakers and the monitoring audio through headphones, but when I hook it up to Traktor, the audio only goes to either monitor or master, I can't monitor with the headphones and hear audio in the speakers at the same time. The Hercules is mapped and is fully compatible with Traktor... Any help would be great!

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    i think you have to use both soundcards, your onboard and your external one.
    most of those 5.1 labeled soundcards, no matter if onboard or external, do not output more then one stereo-channel with traktor.

    simply start your ASIO, then coose your onboard card as you master outputs, and the first two channels of your external interface for minotor output.

    works well for me, although I'm looking for an Audio2DJ in the nearer future

    you'll probably have to check the latencys between you two audio devices and tweak it in the asio-pannel

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    If it can work with vdj, you can make it work with traktor. Have you tried to reconfigure the output routing there? Is it the same device name in both vdj and traktor? You said traktor set the outputs already, can you add a screenshot of what it's displaying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slangemenneske View Post
    can you add a screenshot of what it's displaying?

    You need to make sure you have the correct channels selected in output monitoring in the preference pane.
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    On my Pc with a 5.1 soundcard i used "front" for the master and "subwoofer" as the "monitor" and as the other lads mention you will need to mess around with the output settings in your prefs to get it set up properly tho.
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    Default Fixed! :)

    Problem fixed! All it took was a lot of time connecting the master out to every single port on the soundcard and mix and matching the output settings in the preferences menu... Thanks for the help!

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