This is my set recorded from Teggno Sessions on Monday August 31st 2010. I started this set out a little more minimal than usual, but gradually built it up nicely. As I am sure you can all tell by my most recent productions I am just traveling in a more and more dark realm these days. I am back in my hometown of Philadelphia, and I think the city life is helping me feel at home and more comfortable with my darkness! I used my newest remix here in my set this week, ‘Pitched (Lance Blaise Remix) – Bodyscrub’. Its out now on the italian label Capsula, so if you like it give me some support and pick it up at beatport. The tracklist for my set is listed below!

1 Breakfast (Original Mix) – Locomatica
2 Splinter On Your Mind – Miniminds
3 Is Deeper (Patrik Carrera Techno Piece Remix) – Wally Lopez, Ismael Rivas
4 Fereneze – Gary Beck
5 Close Your Eyes (Alan Fitzpatricks Remix) – Joel Mull, Dustin Zahn
6 Twenty Four Seven – Alex D’Elia, Nihil Young
7 Pitched (Lance Blaise Remix) – Bodyscrub
8 Cacophony – Slam
9 GT (P.A.S. Drone Sector Remix) – Planetary Assault Systems
10 Ethnoreality (Erphun Parallel Reality Remix) – Daniel Mehes, Hirotaka Miyamoto