Please help with Traktor setup/Presonus Firebox
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    Default Please help with Traktor setup/Presonus Firebox

    Hi everyone,
    Here's the thing. I have Tractor 3. I'm just learning DJ this way. Old school vinyl previously. I can only use the internal mixer in Traktor, since I have a Behringer DDM 4000 as a mixer.
    My issue:
    I am wondering if i can take the main outputs 1/2 from the firebox and run them into a channel on my mixer. That way I can use vinyl and or cds for the other channels on the mixer?
    I have tried this, and though I've got the monitor headphones working great, my output to the mixer only seems to be coming in the mixer on one channel.
    Not sure if there's a remedy in the set up, or is this type of thing not really possible with my configuration. Is the output on the firebox mono? even though it seems to be a stereo out? I've been searching around and not coming up with much. Any insight you guys can offer would be much appreciated....

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    Im sure the main out is 0 and 1 but i'll have to check on mine when i go home
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    I have a Firebox and for whatever reason the outputs show up like this:
    Main Outs: 0 & 1
    Out 3 & 4: 2 & 3
    Out 5 & 6: 4 & 5

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    Default thought i'd clarify a bit.

    my prior post may have not been totally clear:Using Macbook Pro, Leopard operating system.
    I use the internal mixer in Traktor 3.
    Send the mix out via firewire to Presonus Firebox.
    I monitor in Firebox.
    I use the main 1/2 out of the firebox and go into say Channel 1 (line input) of my external mixer (behringer ddm4000). Then out from behringer to speakers.

    I get signal, but it is only in one channel on my Behringer board.
    How would I go about getting a stereo mix into the external mixer?
    I would still be using the internal traktor mixer in traktor. I want to be able to add a denon dual cd player to to other lines in the Behringer.AND Have the Traktor stereo signal coming into the board as well. That way I only have one main output to House Sound. Is this possible?
    Preference setting in Traktor:
    Mixer: Internal
    Monitor: 3/4
    master: 1/2
    Booth: nothing selected
    Record: nothing selected.
    Presonus Firebox mixer set up:
    Playback to Headphones: 3/4 button engaged
    Mixer output:
    "main" button engaged
    Playback: 1/2 button engaged.

    laptop(output via firewire)--------firebox--------out firebox main 1/2in back (1/" to RCA)--------channel 1 input behringer mixer-----output mixer via ------speakers
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    Maybe you have Traktor panned over to one side or the audio cable is broken on one side or the mixer channel is panned to one side.

    Are you using the FireBox Mixer control?

    Can you post screeb shots of your Traktor preferences .

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    Default traktor 3/presonus firebox issues

    Here's screen grabs of my set up:

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    Your Output Routings are totally wrong in Traktors Preferences > Output Routing

    Change Master to: 1 & 2 (Presonus Out 0&1)

    Change Monitor to: 7 & 8

    Then change the the Headphone setting on the Presnus mixer to SPDIF

    That should fix things...

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    ok. i'm gonna try that now. will let you know if it works!
    Thanks so much....

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    Karlos Santos
    Tech Guru,
    works. fantastic. thanks again for your quick reply and expertise.....

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