upgrading to traktor pro?
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    Default upgrading to traktor pro?

    i'm in the process of selling my traktor scratch duo, but before it goes would it be possible to take advantage of the online upgrade, has anyone done this before? do you get a new serial number? i dont want to cause any probs for te new user but i don't really want to pay 150 for new software.


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    If you buy the upgrade online you will have it the Traktor Pro software email to you with new serial code. Now if emailing isnt a option for you then you can have the original copy mailed to your house..

    I myself too the option of having the software emailed that way I could get the program up and running the same say and not having to wait days for it to show up.

    Also not sure if your wanting to stay with time coding records or not. So if you do. Dont sell your Audio 4 with your Scratch Duo because you will need it for your upgrader.

    Hope this helps.
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