I was going to get the 4D when i get Traktor Scratch Pro but the 4D is not Traktor Scratch certified yet so it won't work.
Also, would it not be easier to set up Traktor Scratch Pro in the club if you just brought seperate controllers and use the Audio 8 with the club's mixer?
I'm still trying to figure out....

1) Say the 4D does get certified & i get it, how can i set it up in the club coming on after someone without having to stop the music?


2) Lets say i have the Traktor Scratch Pro package (with the Audio 8 DJ) instead of the 4D and i rock up to the club with seperate midi controllers (hmmm the 1D's) and use the club's mixer with the Audio 8 DJ, how too do i then set that up without stopping the music?

Base this on worst case scenerio, that you can't get there earlier in the evening to set everything up.