Moving from a Xone 32 to a 62. Worth it?
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    Default Moving from a Xone 32 to a 62. Worth it?

    So am an currently using a Xone 32 and really like it. The filters on it are great for cleaning up highs or lows when blending tracks and the thing sounds great. And I route both of my sample decks into the spare middle channel and it fits my needs really well.

    I would love a 92 for the 4 band EQ and dual filters, but they are out of my price range at the moment.

    I have found a great deal on a 62 that I have been considering buying, but Im not sure that I will be gaining much other then a 4th channel that I cant do much with considering Im using an A6 sound card.

    Does the 62 offer me much over the 32?
    Is the sound quality any different?
    The 62 has a single filter like the 32, correct?

    Im open to peoples thoughts and opinions on the matter.

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    Biggest regret selling my 62. It's awesome. It has 2 filters with all the settings available. Aux / send /return on each channel. Great if you got mates around to have a session . As always find a spare channel. You will want to get a sound card with more channels eventually. Hell even add a synthesizer and drum machine for live stuff. Go for it!
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    I've been considering the same. The 32 is great, but awkward for friends to play on due to the bizarre decision to put the gain knobs on the BACK of the mixer.

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