Vms4 Mapping for Traktor pro
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    Default Vms4 Mapping for Traktor pro

    Hi does any 1 have a decent mapping for the vms4 to use with Traktor pro. The 3 that I have downloaded are poney.

    Please help needed

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    Default 2 decks VMS4 mapping

    this is mine, a 2 decks though:

    Change from the AA one :

    CUE (a & b) : Load Selected Track

    PAUSE : Deck Focus Select

    Search left : Seek switch for jog wheel

    Search right : Browse switch jog left = tree right = song list

    PITCH BEND + - : effect select

    RELOOP and LOOP : Loop size decrease / increase

    Midilog 1/4 faders and CUE : amount and effect on

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    i saw this dude's post a few days ago. i guess you can follow the link to this guys web page and download his 4 deck tsi from there. hope this helps:

    2011 MacbookPro-Lion (2.2GHz i7), Audio 10Dj, Allen&Heath Xone 42, 2 X Technic SL-1200MK3, VCI-100SE - FW1.4 (TSI 4.0), Kontrol X1, 2 X Novation Dicers, iPad (TouchOSC), TraktorScratchPro 2.6

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    Default vms4 traktor mapping

    I have modified the one from VMS4 website to add a few things
    1. Rec button under sample bank turns on and off freeze effect in advanced fx without changing to advance fx first.
    2. Select nob in effects bank when pushed down will turn advance effect back to chained fx
    3. touch sliders adjust wet/dry on chained fx
    4. Pitch ben + on left bank skips ahead one beat and pitch bend - does the same on right bank

    Thats what I have so far....more changes to come

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    Can someone tell me what settings there must be made for using VMS4 with traktor pro. When i import a tsi, there's nothing that works. settings such as input, output, driver...

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    Default Cue

    can anyone tell me why i cannot get the cue to work on my vms4 with traktor pro 2. i can get everything else to work just cant here the song im about to play before i play it....

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    Here is my 2 deck mapping for Traktor 2,

    This pic represents old layout compared to this tsi file, i slightly change it now, but generally it's the same. (main thing which i add is different led response)

    If you'll have questions, feel free to ask

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    I downloaded your file but it the controller won't activate anything in the software. The sound will come out and the mixer works fine but no control help?

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