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    Noob question,

    Started out using Virtual DJ, and easily figured out how to use cues with my Hercules RMX. Sometimes when mixing, I would bring in a song suddenly from the other deck my using my mapped button for this. (Cue being set, and the button would bring the2nd deck to that point in the song, AND begin playing from there, whether it was playing or paused)

    Now I've switched to Traktor Pro, and I can't figure out what the command is called for this. When mapping, all I can manage to do is set a cue, or get the Deck to move to that cue in the song (only WHILE the song is already playing though, not while it is paused). While it is paused, it just sets another cue at that point it's paused at.

    Again, I thought Cup (Cue Play) would be what I am looking for, but it isn't. Sorry if my question seems long and vague, which it probably does.

    Any answers?

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    When the deck is playing the cue acts as a cue play, then the deck is paused it acts as a cue pause.

    So hit the cue button, continue to hold, then hit play button and the track will continue to play.

    Ean's korg nanopad video shows how it works pretty well

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