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    Default Tip for naming file organization...

    I work as and animator and special FX artist. At work I just discovered that using Adobe Bridge you can search and replace names of any types of files in any folder. You can also change the extensions using batch renaming.

    This is an awesome discovery if you are like me and you have a shit ton of music that is not as organized as you'd like. Or when getting new music in digital format you'd like to name it in a way that suits your needs.

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    Metadata ftw, just stick to formats where tagging is supported. Although some amount of filesystem separation can be useful... outside of music players.
    Didn't know Bridge could do that, though.

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    [artist] - [title].mp3

    "Featuring" gets renamed to "ft."

    Artists with a leading "The" are renamed as "Artist, The"

    There's a bunch of other things I have in a renaming rules text file I use, but my goal is to keep the name short yet accurate. I don't typically retain the beatport number in the final file name, but I do add it to the tag.

    If your program accepts a renaming rule (text file) then it'll save you a tonne of time.

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