A few weeks ago i was writting a new version of the 4 banks mode, right now i am a quite block for ideas, and not having time to think that much about it. So i would like to ask for your help for ideas or suggestions.

Basically the four banks mode is the same, top four buttons control 4differnt banks. The first 3 banks are midi notes, as normal MF mode but instead of 16 buttons 12x3. The 4th bank is for cc value, to "emulate" faders with button. How does it works? 6 faders x bank, each fader 2 buttons.
The faders are controlled in 3 different ways:

1. Normal, pushing the button inc/dec depending which one are you on.
2. Double click on inc or dec button jumps to max or min value (0,127)
3. Reset, holding down both buttons sends a central midi message for the cc value(65)


B1 B2 B3 B4
F1_Dec F1_Inc F2_Dec F2_Inc
F3_Dec F3_Inc F4_Dec F4_Inc
F5_Dec F5_Inc F6_Dec F6_Inc

I still dont see if the mid reset for the fader is useful (a part from eq,...) and i dont know if it is the best configuration, here is a fast video:


I upload the hex file to update if somebody wants to try it

Thank you in advance!