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    Ok, it gets a little less worse .. well actually it seems they are just misrepresenting what kind of rights they have, because apparently they only claim copyright to the "Camelot notation and the Camelot wheel". There is obviously a copyright on the camelot wheel, but I can hardly see a copyright on the notation. Obviously simply drawing your own "Camelot wheel" is totally legit too, so this is no longer a stumbling block.
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    I have been using the 'Power Boost' for a few years now.

    But will be able to do it much better once i got all my tracks analyzed for Key.

    I used to call it changing up gears!

    Like....when a truck changes gears up to get more power!

    Works the other way too.....to bring something down!
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    Good stuff man i love that technique as well. Takes ages to analyse yer tracks but it sure makes it easy to run tracks together on the fly! BTW have just started processing the whole collection with platinum notes and omg it makes the tracks sound bloody amazing! takes about an hour to process one album but definitely worth the effort. Only thing i would say about it is turn the pitch correction off as it screws up yer grids.
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