Midifighter wishlist for the producer/remixer
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    Default Midifighter wishlist for the producer/remixer

    Hello guys, this site is great, and the people behind it too.

    i'm having tons of fun with my MF's and all my mates are too.

    but the thing is, i have this idea of a piece of software that someone should definitely write..

    it would have to be a vst/au/rtas plugin that behaved exactly like a traktor deck, so you could, conect your MF, load the plugin with your audio file and relase the controllerism potential, all from within your DAW, and with the added benefit of fine tuning or quantizing your perfomance.

    it would bring the midifighter to new grounds outside the stricly djing world, i for one can imagine using this software within my remixing projects and other production scenarios.. as it makes is it so intuitive and fun to stutter voices or hits

    So that's what's on my mind Ean, Guys...

    I would be thrilled to see it on real life soon


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    just midi map your midi fighters yourself to the parameters of your existing vsts etc inside your daw of choice

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    Or record live in Traktor and bounce your .wav files out. I do this for all of my edits and they sound great as long as I use high-quality source files.

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