Edan aka Edan Portnoy is an American alternative hip hop artist. He is an emcee, DJ and record producer. He is known for his unique/unlikely take on hip hop culture, where traditional rap songs are often skewed by 60's rock samples, tape echoes, and foreign language choruses, not to mention the off-beat humor and surrealist imagery incorporated via his lyrics. He often uses techniques such as multisyllabic rhyming and alliteration in his music. His mix-tape Sound of the Funky Drummer accumulates hip hop tracks that utilize James Brown's "Funky Drummer", which has been called the most-sampled record of all time[citation needed]. In 2005, he released the album Beauty and the Beat, which drew approbation for its lyricism as well as the production. The release was also notable for its graceful marriage of hip hop and rock-based psychedelia.

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