I made and decided to share a katapult layout / Traktor Pro mapping / Nocturn Automap file.
There is no real magic in the katapult layout. It's very simple and I made it with the intention of adding a lot more to it. All of the hard work I put in were really in the Traktor mapping and the Nocturn automap file. First, about the automap file. It is (I believe) a more intelligent mapping of parameters for the Nocturn. Usually when you ask automap to rebuild the map it maps all the CCs first and then all the notes. whether a CC is on a button or not. So you have tons of CCs mapped to buttons and tons of notes mapped to encoders. dumb. What I did was map all the CCs page by page and then go back and map all the notes page by page. So that CCs are only mapped to encoders and notes are only mapped to buttons. Then I mapped CC 127 to the crossfader across all pages. I believe the automap file will load it using channel 16, but seeing as Novation is crazy is some respects I can't guarantee that. It does need to be on channel 16 for this to work.

On to the Katapult layout. 3 faders and a column of buttons per deck. The traktor mapping has these assigned as
effect 1 on/level effect 2 on/level effect 3 on/level per each deck. the two rows of buttons in the middle are loops

For the Nocturn side of the traktor mapping it is
[play] [cue] [set to master] [sync] [sync] [set to master] [cue] [play]

The encoders are pretty simply laid out. The two encoders closest to the x-fader are volume and on each side high is top encoder, mid is middle encoder, and low is bottom encoder.

I hope I made all of that clear enough. If you have any questions/suggestions please reply in thread.

For more information on how to use katapult visit http://midikatapult.com/

P.S. Make sure to set the MIDI routing appropriately in Traktor. I am using MIDI yoke right now, you may be using Loopbe etc.. You might also take the Nocturn off of the automap MIDI cables and use a 3rd party midi router. Haven't checked whether this would improve latency..

P.P.S I created this layout after watching one of Ean's recent videos. The one with the custom midi fighters. The three faders on each side emulate a similar functionality. Beatmasher | Trans | Gater and you pretty much have what he was doing in a different controller configuration. But! Bear in mind that this has no "Midi Fighter" mapping. If there is any interest I can easily add another page to the katapult layout and add a bunch of buttons for cues. I may do just that very shortly. Honestly I just wanted to get something done because mappings for me have been continual vaporware until now. Phew! Now I can worry about jamming!