i-Mix/Traktor/Reloop Soundcard Issue (OSX)
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    Default i-Mix/Traktor/Reloop Soundcard Issue (OSX)

    Hi guys!

    Pardon the n00b.
    I've been googling all day in order to find a fix for this but have ultimately caved in.

    I've got a DJ-Tech - I-Mix midi controller hooked up to my Macbook Pro via USB. The other USB port is occupied by a Reloop Play sound card.

    The I-Mix has been mapped using one of the mappings I've found on this very forum and works well when the internal sound card is used. Obviously, I can't monitor the music and as a result bought the sound card.

    The sound card is of it's latest version, and after been installed, shows up in traktor. When selected, I can head the tracks with my headphones plugged into it. Essentially it's doing exactly the same thing as if the internal was selected.

    What I wanted to do is use the onboard speakers/soundcard of the computer for now as the master and the soundcard as monitor. I've read you can aggregate audio using the audio midi setup but that strange thing is, it's not detecting the external sound card.

    Further, when the sound card is selected in Traktor, the midi controller is unusable, the buttons do nothing.

    I'm guessing there's a correlation between not being able to see it in Audio Midi and the controller not working with it. Perhaps the controller is looking for a sound card to work off?

    I really hope you guys can help, I bought this controller about a year ago and haven't been able to use it since because of all the drama!


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    Welcome to the forums dude

    Firstly I don't think it's possible to use your laptop's internal speakers as monitor speakers. You gotta route through to some external speakers if you want them to act as the master and then you can monitor your songs through the soundcard with headphones. As to the other issue I'm not sure sorry.

    Good luck though!
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    that's exactly it, i'm trying to use the internal speakers as the master

    thanks for your help anyway!

    anyone else might know.....?

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    Your on the track with the device aggregation, however i don't know why its not showing up on the list

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    To use your computer speakers as master out you need [ame="http://download.cnet.com/LineIn/3000-2170_4-10305957.html"]THIS GUY[/ame]
    Run an rca from your master out to your line in jack (next to headphone jack on computer) and open line in, put the settings at:
    Input from: Built-in input: Line in
    Output to: Default system output (i.e. speakers)

    This is what I used when I started as I didn't have monitors either. hope it helps!

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    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to give you a shout and to say I fixed the issue.
    I updated my version of Traktor to 3.3, before it was 3.2 or something and I think it was a crap version as there wasn't a video for output MIDI which is why the controller wasn't working.

    All working perfectly now.

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    Default Hey Guys

    Hey guys, sorry for answering to an old post but I've been looking for the DJ Tech's I-mix mapping all day !! Can you help me ??


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