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    Default midi ox thread...

    can some one point me to a midi-ox thread?

    my two controllers are interfering with each other...is this something that would help me?
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    assuming your using traktor pro, check out my post on this thread. you can actually route the midi controllers into different ports all within traktor, thus eliminating the conflicting midi messages of your controllers.

    check it out


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    here's a copy of the post...

    it seems like you have some conflicting midi messages with your vci and mpd. you can get rid of those using the controller manager. this will you enable you to load up both midi devices, regardless of which midi channel theyre on.

    heres what i did...

    1) open up your traktor prefrences, go to the "controller manager" section
    2) first we will set up controller 1 (in your case the vci). near the top of the window, click the "Add" button, and you will see a drop down list. here you can select "generic midi device" if you want to create your own mapping, or "import" if you want to load a .tsi file.
    3) Now in the upper right hand corner of the controller manager page you will see a drop down box entitled "In-Port". Here your going to want to select your first controller (VCI-100 for you). Also select the same device in the "Out-Port" drop down box. Leave the "Device Target" on Focus.
    3) Now your ready to set up controller 2 (the MPD). Go back up to the "Add" button. Select "generic midi device", or "import" to load a .tsi for this controller.
    4) Once you have your mapping, select your controller in the "In-Port"/"Out-Port" drop down boxes. (in your case the MPD)
    5) Save and close prefs.

    Hope this helps...

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