OT: Finally a decent iPhone App
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    Default OT: Finally a decent iPhone App

    MTV reality star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's iPhone application has soared into Apple's top 10-grossing entertainment apps since its release last Thursday, an Apple spokesman said.

    The application - appropriately titled "The Situation" and available for $4.99 on iTunes - offers users: a "GTL" finder for local gym, tanning and laundry facilities; a workout routine designed to sculpt Shore-worthy abs; an interactive video game titled "Grenade Dodger"; a soundboard offering Sorrentino's most memorable quotes; and a link to email "The Sitch" directly.

    "It's done extremely well, and we believe it will continue to do so," Apple's Adam Matuzich told The Hollywood Reporter. Apple declined to release specific sales numbers.

    Sorrentino, one of the breakout stars of MTV's reality smash Jersey Shore, is expected to earn upwards of $5 million by year's end from his various ventures.

    But ballroom dancing may not be a growth market for him.

    He tied for last with actor David Hasselhoff and comedian Margaret Cho in the first episode of the new season of Dancing with the Stars on Monday.
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    is this one step above, or one step below the slew of fart apps that itune's offer in the app store?

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