Something about Dubstep
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    Default Something about Dubstep

    Dubstep has become recently very popular in the uk

    Over the last few months the UK charts have been popping up with the odd bit off dubstep and its only recently that more and more clubs in the UK are playing the stuff.

    Im a big electro fan but have swayed towards dubstep as its what people have been wanting to hear

    Carnt wait to hear some more of deadmau5

    Just wanted to hear some other peoples thought about dubstep

    Post some of ur most fav tracks?

    Hows everyone feeling about deadmaus' dubstep?

    Heres my latest mix would love some feedback!

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    small world. ive run into part one of an electro mix that you did on youtube.
    my comment is the one thats responded to
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    I've been lovin' on some Dubstep for a while now, and I'm from the states. I was at a college bar the other night and the DJ (who was also tending bar, haha) was playing a Roksonix dubstep remix of Hide & Seek and I was like, Mmm, I'm listening to dubstep and it's not in my apartment.

    Your October mix is great, by the way.

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    even smaller world, the other comment on that electro mix made by rosiebelsmith is me in fact
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    hmmmm Dubstep funny names people call things !!! to me its just ukg /grime beats

    gota check the source

    I personally like d mouse seems alot of hate on here for him

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