Upgrading Laptop Hardware
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    Default Upgrading Laptop Hardware

    My laptop has seen better days, performance wise. Actually I gotta say for the most part it has held up better than I thought it would.

    Anyway, my laptop can't keep up with all the VSTs I use, and I feel like some kind of upgrading is in order. I also know nothing about computer hardware and such.

    According to my computer, I'm running an AMD processor with 2.00 Ghz and 3GB of RAM. Two years ago when I bought my computer, it definitely wasn't top of the line, and it sure isn't now.

    What do you guys suggest I do? Buying a new computer is a little out of the question. I'm an unemployed student. However, with the holiday season coming up, I should have a part time job for a few weeks, so hopefully I'll have a little cash.

    Should I even consider upgrading what I have or somehow try to swing buying something new? I'm pissed because my production ability is kind of being hindered by my hardware ability.
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    generally this would do:
    3 gigs or more of ram
    1.8 or more for the possessor
    at least a 250 (i suppose a 160 is ok) hard drive

    it seems like your comp is fine, try restoring it before buying anything

    if that dosnt help then i guess its just old and worn out
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    a good thing to do is simply format and reinstall everything, that way you get rid of all the crap you've accumulated over two years

    if you want to upgrade: you'll probably need a new mainboard and a dual core cpu, RAM should be enough but you can always upgrade (just get matching RAM). Can't help you with specifics tough as I dont know enough about hardware myself

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    You can try the oldschool method of bouncing your tracks down to wavs. That's what i had to rely on back when computers couldn't handle shit.

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