Beat grids going out of sync?
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    Default Beat grids going out of sync?

    I have a question about a few songs that go out of sync ant the end, the beat grid is out of whack. My question is how do you fix it? is there a way to move the grid with out affecting the entire grid? I usually just drop a new beat grid at the end and adjust it is that the traktor method?

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    I have the same problem when I take my vinyl records and record them into traktor. Digital downloaded songs don't seem to be an issue.

    Usually I let traktor analyze the song. But there will be a few songs that are not gridded correctly. That's when I add my own beat grids. You could also try the tap tempo.

    1. I put a beat grid in my intro portion of the song.... the beginning part I'm planning to mix with the other song.

    2. I use breaks or select a section of the song for my break and add a beat grid.

    You only need the beat grid on the part you plan on mixing with another song. In my case were beat grids are a problem the most grids i use is 2 one for intro and one for break.

    Hopefully someone will write back with a better solution but this is the only way I found on correcting this problem.


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    I think that's best solution unless you warp them in Abelton.
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