Playing Out Using a Laptop & Mac With Traktor
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    Default Playing Out Using a Laptop & Mac With Traktor

    My friend and I want to be able to use Traktor on my Laptop and his Apple Mac Pro. So he would be running 2-4 decks and the same on my Laptop.

    Would we have to take a line in each on a separate channel of a mixer and then when it was each others turn queue the tune up manually as if playing coded vinyl?

    Is there no way of my laptops Traktor syncing to his Apple Mac Pro Traktor?

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    Check the sticky:
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    This post is pretty confusing. So what I'm thinking he's asking is how to connect two different machines to sync together in Traktor. I'm not sure how to do this, maybe some Ethernet connection and master clock shenanigans. But there's a way to do it, Hawtin and co. did it in the Kontact shows.
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    do you mean a windows laptop connecting to mac?

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