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    Hello everyone!

    I'm building a new system to take on the road (I'm a mobile DJ) and I'm planning on buying a VCI-100SE to use with an old MacBook (NOT Pro), an Audio4 and Traktor Pro.

    My question is this: What are the recommended specs for a MacBook to run Traktor Pro well? I know what the minimums are, but I want to make sure I'm not heading toward a dead end with an old MacBook. It's a 2GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB of memory (although only 3.2 GB are recognized because of the hardware), and I'll be using an external HD. The collection I bring with me is pretty large (35,000+ songs). Is this doable? Anyone out there using a regular 2007-era black MacBook like this? Here's the link to the specs, it's the one on the right, MB063LL/B.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give!

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    Runs perfect dude! I've used my girlfriend's FIRST GEN 1.83 CORE DUO with 2 GB RAM and it ran like a dream! I'm currently running a 1.5 Core2 with 2GB RAM (hackintosh) and it runs just as well. (If you run a hackintosh, stress test the FUCK out of it before you play out with it) But I've never had a single problem playing with the macbook. So, TL;DR, Any macbook runs it DAMN fine xD
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