Tracks to transition from 140 to ~175bpm
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    Default Tracks to transition from 140 to ~175bpm

    I'm long overdue for doing an actual mix, and I've actually been slowly accumulating a series of tracks that I would like to put into a mix.

    My musical taste has moved from straight house/electro/etc to exclusively dubstep and drum and bass.

    What I'd like to do is create a mix thats starts with some chill dub that moves into more edgier stuff later on, and then about 80% of the way in I'd like to transition to a few drumstep tracks, ending with drum and bass.

    Can any of you recommend some solid tracks in the 140-170 bpm range that would be useful to help me bridge the tempo gap?
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    I'm finding it more and more common for DnB songs to have an electro breakdown in the middle, one that comes to mind is Vandals by Dirtyphonics which goes from ~130 up to ~174... Also for dubstep to drumstep I find Savoy's remix of Welcome to Jamrock works well because of the intro before the drop lacking beats.

    I'll let you know if I think of any others later lol.
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