Hi mates,

After reading the e-mail from DJTT about the ship date of the Kontrol S4, I have to know from all of you who have bought some gear at DJTT store livin' in Europe:

- How much you've paid of VAT?

Last time I bought something from de USA was a bag that cost me 40 and paid 55 more of VAT!!!

In this situation, imagine my preocupation when we are talking about an article that costs 900 bucks.

I'm waiting for you answers.

Would be nice that DJTT staff could share with us the experience that they've had with users from Europe, always talking about VAT.

Thank you very much and enjoy the music, motherfunkers!

PD: Sorry for my poor english but here, in Spain, the 95% of people haven't studied deeply enough to read/listen/talk (it) <-- it? Yes? Correct?