mixer/controller 4 track controling?
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    Default mixer/controller 4 track controling?

    Hi guys, I have been looking around quite sometime following alot of peoples advice before making a post. Im kinda inbetween a rock and a hard place when it comes to deciding mixer/controller to drop the cash on. Like I tend to use 3 decks on average and the fader and fx to mix. So im not really sure what direction to go in controller or mixer wise. Ive heard good things about the DDM4000 and like the vestax. But Im hesitant to go drop the money on it. I really dont "juggle cues" or mashbeats but i do use them. Since im in college Im trying to make this purchase be one that will last for a while. Any suggestions on a controller or cdj mixer setup you would reccomend? Im mainly doing house with progressive house and mixing in dubstep. Also if possibly im trying to spend under 1500. Cause im a college student and this is basically my extracuricular activity fund for the semester.

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    Also i would look into reloop but i run an AMD quad core processor

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    No suggestions?

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    i love my ddm4000.
    u can get a 2 or 4 channel soundcard like the AUDIO2DJ or AUDIO8DJ, then can add cdjs or whatever u want since the ddm can be configured to any 4 channel combo.

    i use to use my Numark Stealth but dont anymore now that Ive gotten use to how spacious the ddm4000 is.
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