vci-100 and novation remote 25 sl
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    Default vci-100 and novation remote 25 sl

    first of all ean golden! best dj, has really opened everyones eyes about the future of djing and has explained something that was once mumbo jumbo to me, and made it so clear and simple to understand.

    in ean goldens setup video, he uses a novation 25 sl and there is no vci-100?? i thought he would have used the vci-100 in clubs? or maybe he has updated his setup, if so what is the current one both vci-100 and remote 25sl? what does he use instead of a jog wheel? just two keys fast forward and rewind? and also like a cdj, when you hit pause does it stutter, like that click noise, to get the start of the bass? oh and what is the song in the video which has the "work that" acapella? thanks!

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    I use a lot of different controllers in the club including the oxygen 8, novation 25Sl and the vci-100. When playing with keyboards I use the keys to keep songs in time. Check out the post on "controllerism with the oxygen 8" for more details.

    the song under work that is by modeselektor.

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