hello fellow djttoolers i am going to be purchasing the kontrol s4 soon and a second macbook is going to come into my possession soon-ish and i was wondering if this setup would work? and i have a couple of questions related to this setup which i will get into below.

Okay! down to business the setup will consist of two MacBooks a unibody and a white-book a kontrol s4 and an oxygen 8 midi keyboard

The unibody will be running traktor pro and the kontrol s4 a midi cable out of the s4 will run into the white-book via a midi interface (White-Book will be running ableton).
I know ill be able to get this to midi sync but! how will i the get sound to work? will i have to run rca's out of the s4 into another sound card through the input of sed soundcard then into ableton and then out the output ?

Just a little bit of a brainstorm during class any input appreciated! thanks guys.