I am in complete need of help. So so very lost. [ableton 8 live + mpd26]
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    Default I am in complete need of help. So so very lost. [ableton 8 live + mpd26]


    I am a mac user with live version 8.1.3 and a fresh out of the akai mpd26. I have searched the internet for days and still have been very flustered because I cannot get my mpd to work with ableton. Moreover, I seem to not have grasped the tech lingo too well. If anyone can advise/teach and help me fix my issues, I would be most grateful.

    I started my journey with this video.

    This young man seems to map out something on his mpd but I am not sure what he is exactly doing. Can anyone tell me what this achieves?

    Moving on, I did what he told me to do. I still do not know how this applies to ableton. I do not know and cannot find any information on how I can link it up with ableton, let alone how to set up preferences or how I can actually physically set up the machine and program for them to work.

    Any advice would be helpful.

    Thank you

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    *have mpd set as midi in/pout in midi preferences..

    *click midi mapping layer in ableton (small blue button next to key assign...top right)

    *touch parameter in live that you with to map with mouse ex. channel 1 fader...

    * move controller hardware that you want to control said mapped function.

    *repeat with each parameter in live

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    So I have done what you have said to what I belive is right. Now when I press the button on my mpd26, it shows the green button and the clip is launched. However, I get no sound playing. How can we fix this issue?

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