does anybody have info
regards to transferring Vinyl/LP's to WAV files...

When I play/import the WAV files to Traktor, after analyzing the track,
the message reads "please analyze the files first, TRANSIENTS ARE MISSING";
prohibiting Traktor from reading proper BPM.
In other words, the WAV file in Traktor looks very thin and weak.

My question is:
How can I get the best TRANSIENT readings when I transfer music from vinyl to WAV or mp3(320kbps)?

* I thought the problem was the vinyl's overall volume, so
I use L3 limiter with mild threshold (I avoid over compressing and normalizing=>everything at PEAK volume) on the sound's input channel
to get 0db output for the WAV file (I use Cubase to record).
* The graphic in Cubase shows healthy peaks-and-lows (transients, no?).

While louder/limiting improved Traktor's detection of transients, the WAV form still looks weaker than files from CD's (looks louder with clearer transients and peaks). This is confusing to me because the vinyl file and the cd file is aurally the "same volume (0db peak, no clipping)".

what is the best method for getting clean and clear transients, while having a loud overall sound, when transferring sound from vinyl to digital?

*soundcard: recording) steinberg MI4
traktor) audio 2dj

turntable: technics 1200SL
needle: Qbert OM ortophone
mixer: vestax pro