Portable speaker stands for house parties
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    Default Portable speaker stands for house parties

    Hey guys,

    I'm currently making my set up a whole lot more mobile so I can easily set up at house parties and outside for BBQs etc. Have sold the 1210s and mixer and am getting a Kontrol S4 in November.

    Now I'm thinking about speakers. At the moment I have my speakers on a cinder blocks. These sound great but aren't exactly portable. I want something I can easily pick up and move to another house without destroying my back each time.

    So I was thinking of building some portable speaker stands. I was going to do it pretty caveman styles - flat piece of wood at the moment, say 1 foot square, a 4 x 4 plank that goes up to ear height, and another 1 foot square piece of wood at the top. I was just going to stick 4 nails in the bottom and top to connect the plank to the panels. I'm not sure this is the best idea so before I go into hardware store and look like a retard I thought I'd get some other opinions...

    Probably won't be buying any if I can avoid it...

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    what kind of speakers are we talking about here...

    I use a pair of On-Stage stands... picked up a pair for $50 on CL...even came with a bag to carry both.

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    Oops good point. Alesis M1 Active 520s...about 5.9 kg.

    Is On-Stage a brand? I'm in NZ, not sure if they'll sell them here.

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