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    Default S4 for a beginner

    Finally I've decided I want to learn to DJ, but apart from a good desktop and a two channel audio interface I don't have any gear, I've played around with both traktor and ableton but prefer traktors interface.

    All I've done so far is make mix cd's with ableton which is quite fun and I've learnt a bit about how to make a mix but of course it's not done live.

    I've looked at various mixers, midi controllers and cdj's, I don't want to spend a huge amount of cash though but I don't want to buy crap gear. The S4 seems to be perfect, cheaper than decent cdj's and a mixer but I want to start at the beginning and learn how to beatmatch.

    Basically with HID platters and pitch fader on the S4 would it be any different learning to beatmatch on that compared to say a CDJ 400.

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    I think you are the target audience for the S4. From what I've heard from guys on this board with lots of DJ experience who've been lucky enough to play with one the S4 jogs feel closer than any other controller has gotten to the feel of CDJ's. Considering it comes with software and a soundcard that sure to be as good as all of NI's other soundcards I think it's a no brainer.
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    Just as another viewpoint, from an ex-vinyl DJ who actually DJed using just the computer keyboard for 5 years after giving up vinyl because he couldn't find a DJ controller that felt anything like good:

    The Vestax VCI-300 (which again has a quality sound card built in) is extremely close to the vinyl experience in all the good ways, and great to play "properly" on (ie manual beatmatching). The platters/jogwheels are also hi-resolution and fantastic, and it comes with Serato ITCH, devastatingly easy to use DJ software that strips things back to DJ basics and doesn't get in the way of the classic DJ experience in use. Simpler, granted, so it depends what you're aiming for.
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    I would say th S4 is perfect for the beginner. It has so many features at such a great price.

    Since starting 2 years ago I've gone through quite a few different pieces of gear. Hercules RMX, VCI 100, and now to a timecode vinyl and kontrol x1 set up. The S4 in my opinion is the new standard for Traktor. It's going to give beginners so much room to grow. I remember once I decided I wanted to scratch I got rid of my Hercules RMX, and picked up the VCI 100 (adjustable CF) then when I really wanted to get serious I got the timecode. Now that I want to add my own loops to the mix, S4 is the next step. Traktor S4 can either be used to simple mixing or get really complex with the sampler and Fx when you feel ready.

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