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    About a month ago i ordered a VCI 300 on back order. That seems to be an on going story, and delays just keep on comming. To be honest, im starting to wonder wether 600 is a great price for such a long delay and no effects area/few features in ITCH.

    I am considering cancelling the order and opting for a VCI 100 and an external USB soundcard.

    I have seen the NI Audio kontrol 1,
    this seems to have additional midi input.
    Would the midi input from the audio kontrol clash with the midi input from the vci, if i wanted to ... say, use the audio kontrol as an external effects cortroler? (mapped to control effects by its large rotary dial etc).

    Also as i am new to the world of DJ'ing, i am a little confused by the outputs.

    The audio kontrol 1 has 2 sets of stereo outputs... ok i get that, i would only use 1 set yes?
    Also these outputs are TRS outputs. Now when i ordered my VCI 300, i ordered a set of RCA cables. I am struggling to find a converter from RCA to TRS. To be quite frank, i dont even know what a TRS connector looks like.

    Also on the front of the audio kontrol there is a headphone jack. It seems substantialy larger than a 3.5mm headphone jack for say a standard pair of headphones, (i have a set of wireless sennheisers that i would wish to monitor with).

    What is that input? As i need to find an adaptor to convert 3.5mm to (whatever it is).

    Also does anyone have any views on the audio kontrol 1? Do they find the added midi functionality usefull? Or is that just a gimmic?

    Any other suggestions for sound cards would be ok, but i do like the idea of the added midi functionality and full monitor volume control etc.

    Thank you very much in advance. ( I would be totaly stuck without this place)


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    I have both the vci-100 & the ak1 & am very happy with the setup

    The sound quality of the AK1 is very good & so far I have had very few issues with it.

    My only regret is that I didnt look for a cheaper sound card.
    It might b worth having a look at these vids:

    The controls (buttons on top) on the AK1 can control Traktor or a sh!t load of other programs even photoshop cs2!!! but have never really used them because of the VCI-100 - perhaps I should look into that, more buttons never hurts!

    Basic setup in Traktor:

    The outputs are all 6.35mm or 'big jack' I only use 1&2 but you can use 3&4 for decks C&D in Traktor, but there are so many combinations you can have with Traktor, vci-100 & ak1 its all about how you want it.

    3.5mm to 6.35mm jack converters are easy to come by & u can get them in any hi-fi or dj store.

    I use an rca (phono) cable with rca to 6.35mm adaptors.

    As for the midi aspect of the ak am affraid i have not explored very far.

    sorry to hear u couldn't get you hands on a 300 but I wouldnt swap my 100 for one right now - jus my opinon
    VAIO - T3/PRO - VCI 100 - AK1 - DJM-400

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    some basic 2 cents:

    soundcard: plan for now and down the road...ask how many people are happy with their soundcards except for wishing for a couple extra channels. you need to consider what programs you will be using and if you are mixing internally or externally, or if you are going to need another set of outs for monitors/booth. how many inputs will you need? etc, etc. maybe you'll get into DVS. Or maybe you'll decide you want to mix the 4 decks in traktor with an external 4-channel mixer, too many options are better then none right?

    i'm not trying to say the audio1 won't fit your needs, maybe it will perfectly.

    headphones: my personal opinion would be that you save those wireless headphones for casual listening and pick up some dj/studio orientated cans.

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    Thank you so much guys. Cheers for all the help moomin, i appreciate it.
    As soon as i get home, i will be ringing the music store, get rid of the VCI 300 on pre order. And get a 100 and the AK1 on order ASAP.
    For the time being charo, i think the audio kontrol will suit my needs perfectly, just doing some home mixes etc. As im am quite new to DJ'ing, i dont see myself mixing on 4 decks just yet :P. Anyhow, thanks to both of you for your help. Especialy the output setup in traktor moomin .
    And yes, i know what a TRS jack looks like now HAHA.

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    no problems

    hope you get your vci-100 soon so you can join the rest of us in the digital revolution

    what charo said... yeah get some decent Dj headphones,you can get decent senheizers for as little as 20 /30-40 EUR

    VAIO - T3/PRO - VCI 100 - AK1 - DJM-400

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    I have a VCI 100 on order with a Audio Kontrol, and some relevant TRS converters.
    Cheers for you help mate
    You may soon start seeing mixes by myself being uploaded!

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    Ive got my vci 100.
    Just one question. When the track is playing. And i put my hand on the metal bit of the platter. Should the song stop? Because both in vinyl mode and not vinyl mode it keeps playing. Im using traktor pro by the way.

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    Ok stuff traktor pro for the time being. I have set traktor 3 le up, and everything works apart from monitoring.
    Monitor select just seems to increase volume in the headphones, not change the deck that comes out of the phones.
    How do i change that?
    Because at the moment i get the same track through the phones and speakers.

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    No Worries, Sorted.

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