APC40 vs MPD32
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Thread: APC40 vs MPD32

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    Default APC40 vs MPD32

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if I should sell my MPD32 and buy an APC40 for use with ableton/traktor?


    Much appreciated,

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    I think we need a little more information... the MPD and APC aren't used the same way...
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    I use my MPD32 as a midifighter+

    It basically is a great tool for production, as well as pinpoint accuracy for triggering cue points. It also has all those great knobs and sliders (of which I have yet to assign in traktor lol)

    It's tricky, because I drool over the APC all the time, but I find that for Traktor, my MPD32 seems like it would be much more useful and straight-forward than the APC, but when I'm doing Ableton sets, I long for the APC

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