Buying speakers: M-audio AV40's
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    Default Buying speakers: M-audio AV40's

    So I'm going to buy some speakers. These are going to be for my own use, not necessarily production but really just for my practice DJ-ing in my room and what not, plus to listen to music and for get togethers of roughly 10 people or so in my living room.

    I'm going to be listening to a lot of dubstep, house, prog house, electro house and some drum and bass with the speakers I buy.

    My question is for what I described, are the AV-40's a good choice? They're 150 dollars so is there anything that might perform better at around the same cost range? The nice thing is that the AV-40's are powered so that takes care of that issue...

    Here's a link: [ame] f_rd_r=1FK28ARGDGKHQYR4CJDW[/ame]
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    I think these are the ones that show up on from time to time, and I always miss them. apparently, they are rock-solid for the price you're paying.

    spend more, get higher quality of course, but these read like they're great for the price.
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    I have these and i think I got mine on sale for 89.00.-99.00. I would not pay 150.00 for them. They are ok for listening to music in your room, and for the size they can get pretty loud, but they lows are pretty bad. They have a bass booster I think that sounds good if you keep the volume low. For less than 100.00 to listen to music in your room they're good.

    To play in a living room with 10 people I use ONE M-Audio BX8A and it thumps great in a living room. I've even taken just one to pool parties, BBQ's and just one of them does the job for a few friends listening to music and havin a drink. Not sure if they sell these separately or only in a pair - but something similar could be an option For the types of tunes your talking about, the 8's provide a nice deep low that the AV40's don't have.
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    I agree, as computer speakers the AV40's are great, they're what I use. Obviously the bass isn't up to a massive amount due to the size, but they're clear and surprisingly good for the size/price. They also have several inputs so you won't be plugging things in and out of them if they double up as PC speakers, for instance. But for bigger rooms/parties/wall-shaking DJ sessions? They're not up to that,
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    if you don't need it now now, i would just save up and get something larger maybe some bx8a like the other dude said or some hifi speakers instead

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